Recovery Trials

Critical Periods after Stroke Study
Location: MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital
Purpose: To perform an exploratory single center randomized study that will form the basis for a larger scale, more definitive randomized clinical trial to determine the optimal time after stroke for intensive motor training.
Contact: For more information, contact Margot Giannetti at 202-877-1071.

Targeted Transcranial Electrotherapy for Stroke Rehabilitation
Location: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital/National Rehabilitation Hospital
Contact: For more information, contact Elizabeth Lacey at 202-877-1124.

Biomarkers of Stroke Recovery (BIOREC)
Location: MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital, MedStar Georgetown University
Purpose:  This longitudinal observational study seeks to identify molecular markers of brain repoar in the blood that signal why some stroke patients have good recovery of arm function while some other have poor recovery.
Contact: For more information, contact Jamal Smith at 202-877-3476

Location: MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital
Purpose: To determine whether different shoulder positions or muscle activations influence the brain's control over hand muscles differently in individuals who have suffered a stroke compared to healthy individuals. 
Contact: For more information, contact Shashwati Geed at (202) 877-1131

For a full listing of clinical research studies in stroke rehabilitation and recovery at Georgetown University and MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital please visit the Georgetown University Clinical Research Page.